Hello? Who just joined?

My 18 month old daughter puts anything and everything up to her ear and starts talking and gesturing like she’s on a phone call. TV remote controls, toy cars, music boxes, you name it: it goes up to her ear and she babbles away.

I suppose I do too many conference calls around her.

I miss the days where you could talk to one person at a time. These days, everything is a conference call.

Everyone has to be there! Everyone has to be involved! Everyone needs to know what’s going on! It saves time from explaining things to others later! IT IS SO MUCH MORE EFFICIENT!

Except that it’s not. When people are on conference calls, I can hear them tapping away on their keyboards, or I can see them scrolling through their iPads checking email. They are trying to multi-task and while I’m a BIG proponent of multi-tasking where you can, the usual conference call is not the best example of good multi-tasking. “I’m sorry, can you repeat the question?” (Cringe.)

So, I’ve been trying to limit the invitees on my calls, thinking I’m giving people a gift. I’ll send you a summary! I’ll rope you in later at our one on one meeting! I’ll let you know if I need you, but otherwise, live wild and free!

Doesn’t work. People ask me, “Why am I not on that call?” and “Don’t I need to be on that call?”

Dude, you’re already double booked for that time anyway. I don’t need you multi-tasking on my call as well.

I know one thing: my daughter does NOT like it when I multi-task around her. Her whining and mischief is directly proportional to the energy I’m expending checking a quick work email at home. She is no fool. She’s teaching me to practice what I preach.


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