About Being Mommy VP


My childhood was characterized by watching my mom wear nice business suits to the office every day and work long hours, and looking forward to hanging out at her swank San Francisco office on a day off school.

My teens were characterized by dreaming of conquering the world, and still seeing my mom continue to work her butt off in corporate America while I helped her fold laundry on the weekends.

My twenties were characterized by starting my exciting and engaging career, and … you guessed it, watching Mom work, work, work and continue to root for me from the sidelines.

My thirties were characterized by falling in love daily with my own version of Prince Charming, suddenly feeling my biological clock tick like a timebomb, climbing the corporate ladder, and seeing my mom retire from her many years of long hours.baby

In 2012, I discovered that I was pregnant, and I was promoted to Vice President at my small firm. So… now what?


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