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The “real” vacation

We are about midway through our family trip – it’s like every family road trip you’ve seen on TV and in the movies. Wild kids, exasperated adults, “Are we there yet?” when we’ve been driving for 30 minutes and have 3 hours left to go, crazy hot days tempered by swimming and more swimming in pools and at the lake, the too-many car stops along the way to look at and snap photos of the too-many uninteresting things just to get out of the stifling car where we are all getting on each other’s nerves, and cousins annoying each other and being best of friends in turns, while the adults yell pointlessly at them to settle down or don’t do that in between sips of beer or cocktails.

And it’s fantastic.

Lake Michigan sunset


Patience when on the road with inexperienced travelers

I travel for business. I have my TSA pre-check, my second set of toiletries that I just throw into a bag and go, my favored car service to and from the airport, etc. It is a beautiful thing, being prepared and having this travel thing down to a science.

And tomorrow, I will be traveling with a husband who only travels occasionally for vacation, and a 3-year-old. I’m already feeling my impatience pulsing through my veins, and we’re not even packed yet!

I’m trying to internalize the fact that a business trip is fundamentally different than a family trip, even the getting-there and coming-back parts.

No: priding myself on how closely in time I can make it to the gate before actual boarding occurs.
Yes: leaving enough time for the toddler to walk slowly and explore all the parts of the airport she will inevitably like to see.

No: throwing some travel-friendly stuff into a bag, and voila! Done.
Yes: thinking about kid gear, and helping my husband remember some things that infrequent travelers might be prone to forget.

No: zipping through the priority security lane.
Yes: going through the regular lane as a family.

That last one is a heartbreaker, but it’s important to my husband. I get it.

Patience, patience, patience!

Vacation that isn’t a vacation.

My husband went to LA for a week to visit family and old friends. He’s managed a major recent move for the family, has watched our little girl day in and day out with few breaks – he needed a vacation away!

So I decided to take a staycation – I took the same week off of work to care of our little one and relax. What a delightful prospect!


How do you do it?? I barely catch my breath running around after the little one during “down” time (ha!), and then it’s time to do something else. I don’t feel I can ever catch up. And the house was totally ignored. How does my husband manage to keep our daughter clean, fed, well-rested, and engaged (well, ok, maybe a little lax on the clean), AND also keep the house as immaculate as he does?

I think our plants are on their last legs from lack of water.

Our backyard is brownish rather than greenish.

The trash and recycling trucks come by once a week, but they will have two week’s worth the next time because I forgot to put the bins out.

Dusting? Ha!

Vacuuming? Hahaha!


I was so stir crazy and lonely at the house earlier in the week that my daughter and I ended up doing wonderful day trips later in the week, but it was still a tremendous effort – the planning and packing, the mini tantrums while we were out, the fatigue – oh, the fatigue!

And SAHP do it all the time.

It’s Monday. I had a client meeting so early that I had to leave the house at 6:15 AM. And I was bright eyed and excited to go to WORK! Hooray for work!!